Our swimming lessons

We are a private swim school that offers a range of swimming lessons and programs for children of all ages. Leiden Swimschool is part of the group Your Personal Swim Coach . We believe that swimming and water safety is an essential life skill. We’re dedicated to sharing our love for the water!

Throughout the year, during school term, we have access to a separated department of the Pool of De Basalt / Rijnlands Revalidatie Centrum in Leiden. During our lessons, no other visitors are present so we can offer  privacy and a peaceful environment for the kids. Our program specializes in learn to swim from beginners through to stroke correction.  We work towards the official diploma program of ENVOZ , which is an International acknowledged institute. Our tailored lessons will definitely get each child  through each level. Each lesson involves working on the four main strokes and practicing safety and survival skills.

All instructors are qualified and hold a current resuscitation certificate. Our instructors speak English and at least one other langue and required to renew their rescue skills every year.

Our lessons are designed for children aged between 3-11 years. Each of our swimming lessons is arranged accordingly to the level swimming experience and water confidence.

Here at Leiden Swimschool our priority is to ensure that your buddy develops excellent water skills. As each buddy journeys through our swim lessons they will successfully achieve new skills and develop strokes each term until they are ready to move on to the next level.

Each class is 45 minutes in length and is filled with fun, interactive games and productive learning. Our number of swimmers in each lesson range between 5 – 6 swimmers.


We take children from 5 years of age.  All newcomers can join a first lesson without any cost. Together with the dedicated instructor , the parent will discuss the best way forward. When continuing the lessons, you need to enroll online in our zwemscore platform.

Lessons will be billed at the end of each month. Lessons that were cancelled online more that 24 hours before class, won’t be charged

swimming lessons Leiden

Swimming stages

Each child's individual needs are catered for,

constantly updated and awards are undertaken at regular intervals. Progress is updated via the zwemscore portal on weekly  basis by the teacher.

If you wish to discuss your child's progress, please do not hesitate to contact one of us and we will be more than happy to discuss. Parents are welcome to come and watch each last lesson of the month.

Stage 1 ‘watervrij’

For the very beginner. Stage 1 children are usually unconfident beginners who may be reluctant to put their face in the water. Swimmers will learn confidence skills with the aim of progressing to unaided swimming over short distances with kicking legs,  as well as assisted floating on the front and back. Gradually the children gain more confident so the will work towards swimming further distance independently as well as floating on their front and back.

Stage 2 ‘Elementair 1’

Children are now able to  move in and out the water independently and will start working on full strokes as front crawl and back crawl.  Additionally the children will learn the first basics on back and front stroke. This is all combined with survival skills, wrapped up in games and doing it playful.

Stage 3 ‘Elementair 2’

The elementar 2 swimmer has  good  crawl and stroke  technique both on front and back and  focuses towards making their 'good' stroke better. The water is deeper at this stage, the children cannot reach the ground. Therefore the children will be able to water tread and diving.

By further refine and refine and tweak stroke technique for all four strokes , the children gain more stamina and will be able to swim longer distances.

Diploma A level

Once stage 1 to 3 are completed,  swimmers will get prepared for the diploma curriculum. While heading the A diploma test, the children are able to hold good form over distances longer distances. This is partly with clothes on.

Swimming lessons Leiden