Schedule & Prices

The swimming lessons from Leiden Swimschool are taught at De Basalt / Rijnlands Revalidatie Centrum

Each lesson takes 45 minutes and the lesson fee is € 18,50  per lesson for childeren, adults lessons are € 27,50 per lesson incl VAT.

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Wednesday15:4516:30Stage 1 ‘Watervrij’De Duiker, Zoeterwoude
Wednesday15:4516:30Stage 2 ‘Elementair 1'De Duiker, Zoeterwoude
Wednesday15:4516:30Stage 3 ‘Elementair 2'De Duiker, Zoeterwoude
Wednesday15:4516:30ABC DiplomaDe Duiker, Zoeterwoude
Wednesday17:1517:45High intensive private sessionDe Duiker, Zoeterwoude
Saturday08:4509:15Parent & child swimmingDe Duiker, Zoeterwoude
Saturday09:1509:45High intensive private sessionDe Duiker, Zoeterwoude
Sunday08:4509:15Stage 1 'Watervrij'Het Wedde, Voorschoten
Sunday08:4509:15Stage 2 'Elementair 1'Het Wedde, Voorschoten
Sunday08:4509:15Stage 3 'Elementair 2'Het Wedde, Voorschoten
Sunday08:4509:15ABC DiplomaHet Wedde, Voorschoten
Sunday17:0017:45Stage 1 ‘watervrij’De Basalt, Leiden
Sunday17:0017:45Stage 2 ‘Elementair 1’De Basalt, Leiden
Sunday17:0017:45Stage 3 ‘Elementair 2’De Basalt, Leiden
Sunday17:0017:45Preparation Diploma ABCDe Basalt, Leiden
Sunday17:4518:15High intensive private sessionDe Basalt, Leiden