Meet the team



As far back as I can remember, swimming has always been a part of my life. My grandma and aunt taught me how to swim. Teaching others how to swim, just runs in our family, I guess. The fun part of teaching others, is all about sharing the joy for water.  It simply boosts my energy.

In my earlier years, I used to be a competitive swimmer. I even participated in the Dutch National Championships. Besides being a swimming coach, I am also a current bachelor student of human movement technology. Recently i picked up waterpolo. There are still so many aqua- sports to discover.

“Some students are scared in water. But they try it anyway. According to me, these  people are the bravest .”



My name is Thomas, a lifestyle information student  and a swimmer whole my life. When I joined the local swimming club, I took up competitive swimming.  Soon, after I realized I enjoy coaching others much more, I got my qualifications. By now I accumulated over 6 years teaching experiences.

I am patience  and have process-driven approach of teaching strokes. Mostly I take care of the stroke introduction classes. Swimmers who can glide with their face in the water, are ready to start this level. During my lesson, I address all aspects of developing an effective and sustainable front crawl.

“It  may take a while to manage a good stroke,  but the results are everlasting!”




As a Lifeguard, I know how important it is to be able to swim in the Netherlands. Since the age of 4 I have been swimming. As soon as possible  I joined the rescue team at the Dutch coast. , where I acquired all the skills needed to rescue others. During summer, I, together with my fellow colleagues, keep the beach of The Hague safe. Unfortunately, I have experienced that people – especially those who do not have their swimming diplomas – often misinterpret the sea, resulting into life-threatening situations. I therefore find it very important to join Your Personal Swim Coach, in their journey of spreading swimming skills to both adults and children.

“Be safe in the sea this summer, start lessons today!”



Christina, the founder of Leiden Swimschool and Your Personal Swim Coach, is a NRZ certified swim instructor, a certified NLP master and international rowing athlete. Her journey to start this swim school started in 2012, thanks to an interesting turn in her career. Ever since, she is unstoppable to fulfill her mission; empowering people by teaching them how to swim.

“We have taught hundreds of people how to swim over the years and will continue expanding our locations and instructors. Each individual who will cross our path will be welcomed with open arms.  I can’t wait to help you to achieve your goals!”