Leiden Swimschool

Fun and effective swimming lessons in Leiden

Welcome to Leiden swimschool!

Leiden swimschool is a private swimschool that offers a range of swimming lessons and programs for children of all ages. Leiden swimschool believes that swimming and water safety is an essential life skill. We’re dedicated to sharing our love for the water!

Throughout the year, during school term, Leiden swimschool has access to a separated department of the Pool De Basalt/Rijnlans Revalidtie Centrum in Leiden. During our swimming lessons, no other visitors are present so we can offer privacy and a peaceful environment for the kids.

Our lessons are designed for children aged between 5-15 years. Each of our swimming lessons is arranged accordingly to the level swimming experience and water confidence.


Swim Coach

Some students are scared in water. But they try it anyway. According to me, these  people are the bravest 


Swim Coach

Be safe in the sea this summer, start lessons today!


Swim Coach

It  may take a while to manage a good stroke,  but the results are everlasting!


Swim coach

I can’t wait to help you to achieve your goals!


Wassenaarseweg 501
2333 AL Leiden